Ogun Governorship Aspirant, Jimi Lawal Rejoices With Christians At Easter

A governorship hopeful on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun state, Otunba Jimi Adebisi Lawal (JAL) has felicitated with Christians on the occasion of this year’s Easter celebrations.

In a statement issued in Abeokuta on Friday, Lawal rejoiced with Christians for the grace and strength to fast all through the 40-day Lent. This, he said, culminates in the Easter celebrations.

The statement reads in part, “By observing the 40-day spiritual exercise, Christians imbibed Jesus Christ’s virtues of discipline, love and sacrifice, culminating in his death, burial and resurrection for the common good.

“As Christians all over the world and Ogun state, in particular, celebrate the Easter, we must not lose sight of the lessons of discipline, love and sacrifice which the life and ministry of Jesus Christ exemplify.

“We must be ready to get out of our comfort zone, live a life of love and sacrifice for the good of the greatest number of people. That is why I always say the best way to worship God is to serve humanity.

“In the midst of the Easter celebrations, let us spare a thought for our dear country and state; and pray to the Almighty God to intervene in our situations and systems, and give us leaders after His own heart even as we begin the processes of choosing a new set of leaders.

“If ever there was a time we needed men ‘who possess opinions and a will; men who have honour…tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog in public duty, and in private thinking…’, this is the time. And we need the guidance and intervention of the Supreme being to lead us aright. So, let us take time out to pray along this line even as we celebrate the Easter.”

Lawal also enjoined the people “to seize the opportunity of the Easter celebrations to put smiles on the faces of the resource-challenged in our families, neighbourhoods and communities.”

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