Qualities We Must Celebrate in Apostle Suleman, by Prophetess Rose Kevin

It is obviously true that God receives more honour from us when we praise somebody other than God, in the same way that the heavens are declaring the glory of God. Yet, it is rare to find us praising fellow men for sharing kindness, especially if such men are from within the same field or family as we are.

One woman, a prophetess, Rose Kelvin, is standing out in this regard. She is proclaiming the qualities of Apostle Johnson Suleman, a fellow but senior prophet of God in a manner that leaves tongues wagging even beyond their Christian community. 

Dissecting the context of Prophetess Kevin’s submission about Apostle Suleman’s activeness in the Christianity fold, “if indeed anything is commendable, we should take delight in commending it”. It implies that “as true Christians, we are commanded to esteem our leaders very highly because of their works in the Lord.”

Apostle Johnson Suleman is listed among top five Nigerian televangelists with impressive charity works. While Nigerians have been lamenting how leaders get richer and ordinary citizens remain below the poverty line, even in the Church, leading figures like Johnson Suleman and the likes have been changing the narrative by giving generously with their divine gifts and from their material possessions. Amazingly, Apostle Suleman does not just assist individuals with cash and material gifts, he does help the government too in providing succour to communities. He once personally sponsored the renovation of some federal roads in his native Edo State!

It is on that note that Prophetess Kevin praised Suleman by urging him not to relent in exploiting the rare opportunity he enjoys as a leader that cares to continue to increase lives, notwithstanding the criticism. “No matter what people do or say, they can’t stop whom God has destined to go far. People don’t really talk about the good works a servant of God does. But God Himself is exhibiting Apostle Suleman for the people he helps at all time, the schools and roads he builds, and the lives he has touched and still touches,” posits Prophetess Kevin, adding that “people who don’t glorify God for people’s good works are depriving themselves of the points of Christ Jesus’ teaching.”

While commending Apostle Suleman “for being Christlike”, Prophetess Keving encourages Christians to imbibe the teaching of Jesus “that people should always see the good in others’ good works because God is at work in them.”

Prophetess Rose Kelvin is happily married to Dr Kelvin Nwafor the Presiding Bishop Of Shekhinah Glory Ministries worldwide and their union is blessed with five children.

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