Adedayo Meets Ijebu East LG Amotekun, Charges Team On Technology Driven Security

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government, Hon. Wale Adedayo, has enjoined the Amotekun security outfit to be technologically driven in carrying out their service in the local government.

Adedayo made the charge on Monday while receiving in audience Amotekun Adetilewa Adekusola alongside his team, in his office at Ogbere.

Adetilewa who is the head of the Amotekun security outfit in Ijebu East Local Government requested for the provision of an office space among other incentives needed to help carry out their duty.

The local government council chairman, while responding, promised to look into their request. He further clarified that the use of drones for surveillance in monitoring all the nooks and cranny of the local government area in beefing up the security architecture is highly needed and pledged to work towards making it happen.

He also noted that the use of walkie-talkie among the security team would make a significant impact in their job.

Speaking further, Adedayo hinted that security issue is one of the major priorities of his administration, while he also promised to establish Ijebu East Security Network which would have the legislative backing of the Ijebu East Local Government Council. As a result, the security formation will consist of five personnel from each ward in Ijebu East.

According to the chairman, he explained further that local hunters are in better position to be engaged in community policing like that of the Amotekun security network, because they will have the knowledge of their locality.

Adedayo, who is also experienced in security matters, advised them to be proactive in carrying out their duty, saying they should always comport themselves well, and deploy psychological tactics in their operations instead of relying on physical means of combating crime all the time.

“You must apply all the security techniques you received during your trainings. Security has to do with psychology more than carrying guns or ammunition. And sometimes, you don’t have to put on your uniform every time before carrying out your duties”, the chairman added.

The council boss, however, urged them to be involved in regular physical exercise in order to make them physically fit.

“Quality intelligence is required in security work, while technology and psychology work faster than using guns/ammunition”, he concluded.

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