First ‘Legislative Deliberation’ In Ijebu East Legislative Council Chamber Ogbere

The Ijebu East legislative council which comprises of eleven councillors representing each politicall ward that made up the Ijebu East LG Area of Ogun State had its first ever legislative session after the inauguration ceremony, on Thursday 26th August 2021 inside the legislative chamber.

The leader of the house, Hon Fasheyi Akindele presided over the legislative proceedings.

While the whole house decided to have sittings for at least three days per week which is also equivalent to twelve legislative sittings per month, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays were agreed upon as the three days chosen weekly for the subsequent sittings.

English and Yoruba the native language were unanimously agreed upon to be the official mode of communication while in the legislative proceedings.

The House Leader, Hon Fasheyi further discussed on the orderliness while in the chamber for deliberation, sitting arrangements, as well as observing the COVID-19 protocol during the deliberation in the house respectively.

On matters of urgent public importance, Hon Adenuga Adeniyi the honourable member representing the good people of Ijebu Imusin Ward 1, drew the attention of the whole house to the deplorable condition of Ogbere bridge along the only route linking the local government headquarters, which is now fast becoming a death trap due to the crack emanating from both ends of the bridge, and invariably using the opportunity to draw the attention of the council to such urgent situation.

The house was then adjourned till next week for further deliberations towards development of the sunrise local government.

Long live Ijebu East!
Long live Ogun State!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!.

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