Adedayo Tasks Market Leaders On Hygienic Environment

As regards realising campaign promises, the Ijebu East LG chairman Hon Wale Adedayo has on Friday at Ogbere convened maiden meeting with all the market women and men across the local government area.

While thanking the market leaders for their usual support and cooperation, the chairman further highlighted numerous and necessary packages his administration has in stock to boost commercial activities in various markets across the local government.

Hon Adedayo enumerated that his administration would set in motion the necessary security apparatus that would enable commercial activities to revolve round twenty four hours operational system on daily basis, especially on days that usually preceeds the popular Ijebu Imusin market days. He emphasised on installing street lights and other security gadgets that would help beef-up the security network in Ijebu Imusin market and other notable markets across the local government.

Further in his words, he made mention of establishing modern abattoir in Ogbere market, Owode market in Ijebu Ife and Ijebu Imusin market respectively, while micro-credit facility would be provided for them to help boost their businesses. He said that plans for developing Itele market is not left out.

“Our administration is committed to promoting cleanliness in all our markets and as a result, we have taken up the responsibility of refuse evacuation in all our markets, while alternative method of refuse collection will also be applied to all households in Ijebu East”

“We are going to expand Ijebu Imusin market but we will not relocate it. We will work on the master plan of the market and also use public private partnership to implement the necessary development we are looking up to”, he emphasised.

We shall render the necessary services to our people in order to make life meaningful to them before our administration demands from them in returns their own side of responsibilities”, the chairman added.

Wale Adedayo further laid emphasis on prohibiting road side hawking during market days in various markets in the local government.

“Our market leaders should please help us educate our people at home to shun dumping of refuse inside the drainages, he concluded.

Earlier, various market leaders who spoke on vital issues bothering them had put forward how the government would help them implement enforcement of law and order within the market places especially on road side hawking.

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