Ondo Threatens To Jail Local Chiefs Wearing Crowns

The Ondo state government has threatened to jail any ‘minor’ traditional chief who wears beaded crowns in the state for three years.

Amidu Takuro, commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in the state, made the threat on Tuesday, in Akure.

Mr Takuro explained that the existing laws of the state have forbidden local chiefs who are not “Obas” to put on the crown.

He noted that some chiefs are already in the habit of bastardizing both the traditional and the laid down laws of the state.

He said, “It’s just an affirmation of the existing laws of the state that prohibits anybody who is not an oba to put on a beaded crown. All minor chiefs are not allowed to wear crowns.

“Traditional institution is one that we cherish so much and value. We want to do everything humanly possible to protect the integrity, image and importance of that institution.

“Any minor chief who goes against the directive will be subjected to trial in the law court, and he is liable to two or three years imprisonment.”

Daily Trust

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