“Lady, Increase Your Capacity”: Apostle Suleman’s Tips for Becoming A Good Wife

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She’s more precious than rubies. Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. Proverbs 31;10-31


It’s wise to prepare for marriage during the single period. Servant of God and general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, lectures during a Sunday service recently. Speaking to a large congregation that attended the weekly programme, the firebrand cleric pontificates that the skills a lady brings to her relationship endures as the most influential factor on the success of her future union.

“As a lady, you want to get married now; you’re waiting for God to bring you a partner, this is the time to be learning everything you can learn. So that when that man marries you he’s not marrying a wife, he’s marrying an industry,” Apostle Suleman counsels.


The man of God’s sermon indicates that, if a lady has a desire to keep a perfect house with her know-how, her future marriage will endure. Singleness, the lecture specifies, is a training ground for a lady that looks to marry and enjoy her matrimony. Apostle Suleman instructs; “Learn a skill so that when he says do this you say I can do it, when he says sew, make hair you say I can make it. And when he asks “what can you not do?” You answer him, “my husband, I was prepared for you”.


The Restoration Apostle alerts ladies to make the most of their single period, as God knows what the future marriage will demand of them. God gives opportunities each day to prepare single ladies for what lies ahead, the lecture says, and if a woman is mentally and emotionally prepared while single, getting adapted to joining lives with her future husband will not only be easier, but it will also help cultivate a successful and lifelong union.


“My lady, increase your capacity. If you have not learned any skill, go back and learn. That’s why it is said that the biggest problem of the 21st Century graduates is their refusal to learn. Please, learn and relearn. Even me, I do certificate courses online…”


Using his personal experience even as an established figure, Apostle Suleman guides single ladies to strive to have a worth and live on their own when they are married. He charges them to have financial independence which, he affirms, goes a long way in making sure they are truly ready to be married. This, the lecture shows, is one of the factors that make for a good wife and how well to prepare for marriage.


Entering into the institution of marriage, the lecture concludes, is a profound and transformative journey. For women, the preparation for this lifelong commitment involves self-reflection and personal growth, thus setting goals for learning and relearning new skills helps to boost a lady’s well-being and personal fulfillment.

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