20 Months After Launching, Apostle Suleman Expands Free Food Programme Abroad

Nigerian popular man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has continued to put into practice the central purpose of his ministry, Omega Fire Ministries (OFM), which is to build a deep understanding that humans are endowed by their Creator with the ability and capacity to lead productive, creative lives and caring for others.


The servant of God with his team of dedicated Ministers have not relented in putting in place activities to build improved and resilient livelihoods for the poor and the privileged. The Free Food initiative launched by Apostle Suleman in March, 2022 has been expanded beyond the shores of Africa.


Each day, millions of people from different countries suffer from the agony of hunger and thirst; the free food programme of Apostle Suleman obviously recognizes this and consequently designed the idea to push the charity further outside its base in Africa.


The star cleric once noted that “we are haunted by images of those who are underprivileged and have nothing to eat to survive. God has blessed us; we must bless others.”


Thus far, Apostle Suleman has made it his primary duty to confront the challenges of ever-increasing numbers of people who have no homes or even minimal shelter in which to lay their heads. He helps to heal the pain of broken families and the confusion of children who turn to violence as a result of the absence of adult role models at home or school. He has built a medical centre where people are treated at 50 percent discount and other categories for free. And twenty months ago, he launched Joliz Kitchen with the Free Food programme, for which he has continued to earn applause from far and wide.


The initiative, in Nigeria alone, caters to over 1000 people in a day. This is already being replicated in a few other countries outside Africa. This is an uncommon gesture which can only be given by a large-hearted personality as Apostle Suleman, who insists he is not a pastor to just provide spiritual solutions, ease economic hardship of the people and offer physical healthcare issues and other humanitarian services.


Apostle Suleman says he is indeed dazed by the worldwide dimensions of poverty and exclusion, adding that in the face of such human suffering, he won’t relax in his tradition of offering physical comfort, healing, emotional support, and spiritual guidance to the poor and the vulnerable.

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