Ogun State’s CNG Conversion Initiative Garners Praise And Interest From Across The Nation

By: Tayo Mabeweje
The visionary leadership of Governor Dapo Abiodun in Ogun State has been gaining widespread recognition and interest for its groundbreaking Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) conversion project. A team of engineers from Kano State recently visited Ogun State to study and commend the innovative approach to governance.

Governor Abiodun’s administration embarked on the CNG conversion project with the goal of reducing the impact of fuel subsidy removal, lowering transportation costs, and promoting a greener environment. These efforts have not only improved the lives of Ogun State residents but have also set a benchmark for other states to follow.

The visit of engineers from Kano State, led by Engr. Mahmud Musa Seriki, Director of Transportation, Kano State Ministry of Transport, highlights the success and forward-thinking nature of Governor Abiodun’s initiatives. Kano State, which also plans to undertake a similar conversion process, recognized the value of learning from Ogun State’s experiences.

Engr. Seriki praised Ogun State for leading the way in CNG conversion and expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact on transportation fares and overall living conditions for Kano residents.

Special Adviser to the Ogun State Governor on Revenue Assurance, Mr. Oluseyi Ogunseye, emphasized the economic sense of using gas as an engine fuel, highlighting the cost savings and environmental benefits. He also pledged Ogun State’s willingness to assist and share its experiences with other states interested in pursuing similar initiatives.

The Director of Vehicle Inspection Services in the Ministry of Transportation, Engr. Olugbenga Ademehin, emphasized the advantages of CNG, such as its composition mainly of methane, a primary component of natural gas.

Additionally, Mr. Millind Dekhole of NGTSL SPIRO, the company handling the conversion process, highlighted the eco-friendliness, reduced fuel consumption, and non-toxic nature of CNG, which can extend the life span of engines.

The partnership between Ogun State and NGTSL SPIRO aims to facilitate the conversion of a large number of vehicles, provide CNG kits, and create workspace infrastructure across the state.

A highlight of the visit was a ride in one of the CNG-powered buses, showcasing the tangible impact of Governor Abiodun’s visionary governance on everyday transportation.

Governor Abiodun’s CNG conversion initiative serves as a shining example of innovative governance, inspiring positive change not only within Ogun State but also across the nation. As more states consider similar initiatives, the potential for a greener and more economically sustainable future becomes increasingly promising.

Tayo Mabeweje
Public Affairs Analyst
Ogun State

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