I Understand The Hardship You Face, Tinubu Tells Nigerians

President Bola Tinubu says he understands the hardship Nigerians are facing owing to his government’s economic policies. 

The Nigerian leader had pronounced an end to the payment of fuel subsidy among others.

While the move has resulted in a hike in the pump price of the commodity cost of living also high, Tinubu told Nigerians that he understands their plight.

“Our economy is going through a tough patch and you are being hurt by it. The cost of fuel has gone up. Food and other prices have followed it. Households and businesses struggle,” he said in a national broadcast Monday evening.

“Things seem anxious and uncertain. I understand the hardship you face. I wish there were other ways. But there is not. If there were, I would have taken that route as I came here to help not hurt the people and nation that I love.”

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