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Being Iyalode has helped me to see life from different aspects -Iyalode Oyindamola Okebunmi

Egbe Obaneye Obinrin Akile Ijebu is one of the new and fastest growing age-groups in Ijebuland. Oyindamola Okebunmi, the ageless beauty who heads the Regberegbe, in this chat, disclosed how she grew the membership strenght from 10 people few years back to its present heights. Enjoy the interview…


How did you emerge as the Iyalode of your Age-group?

I started as a coordinator. When I joined the group I met only ten members at the meeting. The members were complaining about the former coordinator, so they decided to choose me. Though, I wanted to reject it, I later accepted it. After few years when they needed to appoint Iyalode, the members nominated me.


What does it take to be an Iyalode?

It takes perseverance; some would say you must have money, you must have influence, you must have people up there. But to me, it is no, because I don’t have anyone. It is just by God’s grace.


You have spent some years as the head of the group, how has it been keeping up the leadership?

It has not been easy but we thank God. I am still serving my people and God has been guiding me.


Regberegbe has ceased being just for merrymaking, how has your group being taking care of your members and your community?

Regberegbe is not all about going out and partying around. The most important thing we do is to help the less privileged and give back to the community. We have been to motherless homes to support the orphans. We have visited police stations where we donated office tables and chairs. We have been to the ministry of information where we also gave out office tables and chairs. That is how we give back to the community.


You look elegant at any occasion you, what is fashion to you

(smiles) Fashion is life.


How has the Iyalode status changed your lifestyle?

The title has changed my life in positive ways. I now see life in different ways. It has made me to know something things that I didn’t know initially. I am learning more.

What lessons have you learnt about life?

I have learnt a lot of lessons; how to relate with people, lessons on how to be more humble and so on.


How do you react to negative vibes?

I react with singing, dancing and seeing pictures. I don’t allow negative vibes to distract or stop me.


How do you unwind?

I take myself for shopping. I enjoy being alone and I create time for my pleasure.

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