Our Achievement In Six Months Stands Us Out -Giwa Taiwo Adewale

Man of many parts who has carved a niche for himself through dint of hard work, Rotarian Taiwo Adewale was months back elected as the Giwa Egbe of Tobalase Prestige in the university community of Ago-Iwoye in Ogun state. And in his usual traits, the founder of Faskota Foundation has within six months, repositioned the age-group, otherwise known as Regberegbe in Ijebuland. He speaks on this feat and many more in this interesting interview.

Can you please introduce yourself for the purpose of those who don’t know you?

My name is TPL. (Rtn) Taiwo Adewale Born in Ago-Iwoye on the 5th of September 1973 into the families of late Balogun Popoola Isola Taiwo and madam Florence Abike Taiwo of Idode and Igan Quarters respectively in Ago-Iwoye of Ijebu North local government area of Ogun state. I started my elementary school with Igan Westley School Ago-Iwoye which was a brief stay till my parents moved to Lagos. I am a husband and a father of four lovely children. I am a qualified and registered Town Planner and also a chartered Transport and Logistics professional with a Bachelors of Science degree in Geography and Regional Planning and two Masters degrees in the fields of Planning and Transports/Logistics respectively and an ongoing PhD at OOU. I am a Rotarian (a past president) having membership with several professional, social and humanitarian organizations both locally and internationally including the Prestigious Abeokuta Sports Club. I have interest in lawn tennis, snooker and researching. I presently practice in the Health and Care Sector with interest in IT (Data Analysis) field. I own and run three companies with a Foundation; FASKOTA FOUNDATION with interested in giving mobility to physically challenged individuals. I am the GIWA of Egbe Tobalase Prestige Ago-Iwoye.

Which year did you conceive the idea of coming up with the age group?

We decide to establish this age group just in July 2021 after our painful decision to leave the existing one where I was Basorun of the Egbe.

What has been the success story in the last six months since the group was inaugurated?

In the Last six months of the existence of the Egbe we have been able to get the Egbe registered with the CAC, ACDC and created a very functional website of ours www.tobalaseprestige.com and we can boast of having our Adviser, AKeweje and Alatilehin Egbe in Place, our Baba Egbe will in a short time give his nod to his appointment. All these are largely due to the massive cooperation between members both at home and in diaspora. As I speak, we have two members in the United States, two in the UK and one in Spain, we have been able to choose our Giwa and all the Giwa-In -Council in totally peaceful and Friendship manner without any rancor. Our dream and focus is to set an enviable standard for the operation and management of Regberegbes in Ijebuland.

What has the group being able to achieve in the last six months?

The group has recorded some laudable achievements so far, we have been able to support our members at different occasions with a sum of N100,000 each during the burial of their parents. We have been able to organise an AGM/end of the year party last December which was termed to be a great success, we can boast of a strong financial base and have taken a bold step in the process to approach the palace and HRH, Oba Abdul-Rasaq Adesina Adenugba the Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye for the process of receiving our Royal Blessing before this year Ojude Oba in Ago-Iwoye, in this regards a very strong powered Committee has been put in place for its success.

Would you tell us some of the major challenges so far?

Challenges are expected from such a lovely drive but we have been able to come together to agree and those challenges has been surmounted. Firstly was the way and frequency of meeting, considering the numbers of members we have in diaspora and the resolve to incorporate and carry everyone along with the present economic situation Nigerians face, we resolved to have our monthly meetings online and have our quarterly meetings physically. This is a sharp deviant from what operates with most of the existing Regberegbes, but in realities we have to give room for majority to fit in by time schedules. In this way, almost everyone are participating. Secondly it has been very difficult to find Iya Egbe but this is going to be settled in a short time.

What is the immediate future plan of the Regberegbe?

The immediate future plans of the Egbe is to acquire a property where we can have an administrative office owned by us and where we can call our Ile-Egbe.

Lastly, where do you see the Egbe in the next 10 years?

We want to be seen as a standard and past setter by establishing a recreation center in 10 years time as this will be the retirement age period for the Oldest among us. We are seriously striving to have a happier and friendlier relationship at our old age and we will work towards that with the Grace of God working among us.

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