2021: A Troubadour’s Reminiscences -By Olawale Dibia Ajayi

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.- James Baldwin

By their nature, some folks seek you out only when they need you. In Sociology class, such people are referred to as “fair whether” friends and opportunists. The quantum of value attached to your person is determined by whatever they can get from you. The moment they are done with the leeching, they close the line. 

Everyone has this category of people to contend with. The reality today is that a lot of their benefactors have now resolved to draw the line.

In other words, if you have by chance observed that I am no longer as forthcoming as I used to be, it could probably be because I have finally found the marker with which that imaginary line has been drawn on the sand of time. 

You must learn to appreciate people who have been kind to you no matter how little their level of benevolence has or had been. No one ever has enough. The humanity in you comes alive each time you show an act of kindness, or appreciate your benefactors.

 It is in this regard that I wish to say a big “thank you” to just a few of those individuals who did count me worthy to be on their priority list in the outgone year. They surprised me in their own different but unique ways. In no particular order, I say thank you to:

Professor Beatrice Olatunde, Henry Sonowo, Paradise Samson Tọla, Osonaike Adebowale Busayo, Dayo Rufai and his Team, The OSU English set of ’91, Eyiwunmi Osinowo Anomo, Prof. Ayodeji Agboola, Prof. Samson Dare, Dr. Doyin Aguoru, Kazeem Hakeem, Richard- Rbo, Wale Soyode, Taiwo Ibiyemi Otegbeye, Dele Bankole, Oyenuga Olukayode, Opeyemi Okunowo, Adekola Kareem, Babatunde Ademola Odunlami, Queenny Ibanga, Titilope Bukola Ajayi, . . . My old students (you know yourselves).

You all proved to me that a friend at a time of need is a friend indeed.I have realised the power and the grace in giving; and I will forever continue to give from the little I have.May 2022 be kind to all of you as you have been to me.

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