Controversies Trail Murder of Skit Maker In Abuja

Controversies have trailed the death of skit maker,  Chidike Emmanuel, who was said to have been killed by suspected herdsmen in Abuja on Saturday.

A netizen, Loveline Imaobong, had raised an alarm revealing that the victim was found lifeless in a mortuary.

“The guy in the picture is lying lifeless in the mortuary, he was attacked by Fulani men. Any lead to his family members would be appreciated. They should please go to Mpape’s new police station, Berger Quarry. Please repost till it gets to them,” she wrote

Imabong further claimed that Chidi was among six persons allegedly attacked by herdsmen.

“Six of us were attacked and he died in the process. We’re currently looking for information about any of his family members,” she added.

Giving more update, Imabong said, ” His closest relative in Abuja has reached out and visited the police station. The police are putting in efforts to make sure the perpetrators will be apprehended. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this”

This was quickly debunked by another netizen, UrglyGramm tweeting as #urgly_gramm who claimed Chidi had no family in Abuja.

“Chidi has no family in Abuja and this girl  #Celebritylekpa claims that his family has already been there but our source told us that the police said none of his family has been present.

“Please like and retweet till this tweet gets to his family in Lagos or share pls share his family contact because they do not know anything about this death and he has been dead since yesterday not today,” he debunked

A popular animal scientist, Arojinle, said Chidi’s death has left him emotional

He shared, “I deleted one of my earlier tweets because it contained what can be termed a murder allegation which I can’t prove. I have been advised to do so. I’m trying not to get emotional but when I read my chats with Chidi, I can’t help it. I have videos of animals he shared that I never knew about before. I haven’t even posted some of them yet.”

Another user, Daisy tweeting as #Adaherself wrote, ” I’m sorry Nigeria happened to you  I’m sorry Abuja happened to you Chidi You only left Lagos to Abuja for solace, quite unfortunate it was truncated. Had it been you knew, you would have just remained in Lagos Damn!! This one hurts.”


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