Politics of Surplus Value And Why Attacker Is The Chosen One -By Seun Sobola

Let me remind you today, dear Nigerians, the great Greek critic of my historical purpose, Plato, that he became a handful when he said that the only poetry to be allowed in his world of Form is hymns to the gods and in praises of good men (see Lekan Oyegoke, 1991, pg. 150). This is why most people usually, or may even call this piece an acute disenchantment with the impression of ‘say Baba’, ‘say Baba’. However, let me tell you, I hold not such intention rather to convert for you my candidate’s achievements into a memorable acrobatic display since I have learnt only from my candidate through his humanitarian edge to be brave, valiant and obedient as Plato morally argued for the youths. Thus, this piece will not only jolt foundational evaluative expectations but also refuse any kinds of political ardour, which is altogether not compatible with the nature of its contents.

The growth of big cities, of giant industries and of the unprecedented achievement of science will definitely continue to reinforce the commonsensical that “the development of humanity is the transition from the world of the supernatural to the science age” in breathing facts, as we mind not anymore to pay any cost for human degradation. Like me, like some, it reminds me of those childhood’s time of the dreadful eyes and powerful prayers coming from the mouth of Gunnuko whose towering presence came from Kuso. Though all of these have been characterized by disdain to Western sensibility, a mention of any of them, is like committing an Eternal regicide.

The discoveries of science cannot but be momentous for all of us. The ultimate development-effects of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Adekoya (aka Attacker) is his empiricist interest and the totality of his reverent projects into the mouthwatering construction of an Ultra Modern Jetty and a recreational facility in Oni, Ogun Waterside with ultramodern flying boats, aiming to ease transportation from the various outskirts of the country. The implication of the development for all of us becomes not only a biography of attracting foreigners to our Constituencies for being a 15-MINUTE traveling distance to Lekki where Aliko Dangote is building his oil and gas refinery project, but also a strategic infrastructure as the Federal Government Budgets may be at our doorsteps. Therefore, tell me: Shouldn’t the unchallenged supremacy of a thought-system of some people be proved insidious that my candidate deserves not the third term?

But, must we wait before our history is completely swept away by the iron broom of religion? For in the Ifa Divination System, in the story of the bag of Wisdom, which Olodumare threw down from the sky and asked all the gods, assuring that the one who found it would be the wisest of them all. This time, both Osun and Orunmila had become intimate partners and they decided to look for the bag together, divining ways to get the bag. Orunmila offered sacrifice. Osun did not offer sacrifice. In the end, it was Osun who saw the bag and was not ready to show it to Orunmila. Later when she tried to take out the bag from her pocket, she found nothing. So, she went home to beg Orunmila who was now in possession of the bag. The depth of this belles-account is that our past, our home, our source and our on-going massive modern day palace for Oba Orimolusi by my candidate are crucial for our continuous existence. Therefore, tell me: Shouldn’t the unchallenged supremacy of a thought-system of some people be proved insidious that my candidate deserves not the third term?

Outlining the criticism of others may permanently strengthen my discussion and subsequently end the barbarous or worse still archaic coup once and for all. The war is total: here, one does not need to be a vulgar historicist to discern how much more our young talents go to best footballing teams abroad to play because they are paid handsomely. When shall we devise ways to attract foreign expertise, German tacticians, sports’ events, World Cups? Moreover, it was a moribund evening for many of us when Super Eagles lost the World Cup ticket in Qatar to Ghana in our homesteaded in March. With all of these shortcomings, thereof, one can see that this is indeed a zenith moment of agony for us, for if our country is actually okay, of what value then is the killing-of-people-in-the-church-vis-à-vis-we-slaughtering-rams-for-peace-during-Sallah?

My candidate felt the need to make our country competitive by enabling grassroots development of young players and conducive environment through the construction of an on-going first federal stadium in Ogun State, by the name City Stadium. The mentioning of this collapsed into the solace of partial acceptance from a dear brother of mine called Mr Jose who “wore his biased garment lightly”, where nothing may be known, sarcastically, taking his criticism’s refuge from the ‘insecurity’ of the country and that mostly, private individuals are holders of many of the footballing teams in developed countries. Indeed, I received a charismatic boost from my candidate whose own romantic replies with reality led to the concrete deification of this piece. It came that we can not afford to remain static for the five-time winner, Lionel Messi, a grassroot player of Barcelona, has brought many honour and glories to the football team! All well and good, we only need to find ways to remain securely locked within the problematic of insurgency.

But, has it appeared to you before why South-Western part of Nigeria does not have any single degree awarding Paramilitary Academy? Does it mean that South-Western states did not partake in the Nigeria Civil War of July 1967 to January 1970? This cannot continue to be while other parts of the country maintaining an abstract autonomy of this professional safety is obvious. That this being the case is all the more obvious for bandits and for brutal killings. Soon, our patience has been easily lifted by my candidate’s political hedging to establish The Nigerian Paramilitary Academy in Ijebu-Igbo (on-going). If our salvation does not lie in the proper safety of lives, may we humbly enquire as to what particular “security outfit” furnishes the evidence of existence other than that? Therefore, tell me: Shouldn’t the unchallenged supremacy of a thought-system of some people be proved insidious that my candidate deserves not the third term?

The totality of my enabling negotiation, without inserting the case importance of education is like throwing myself out for surfeit of style, for Soyinka, my model, became a darling of academic empiricist criticism in early 70s and I, Seun, an imitative writer of his-same-static technique in the 21st Century. This is why the close reading of individual achievements of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Adekoya (aka Attacker) is thus vitiated beforehand by the gingering through bills The Federal College of Education (Technicals) and Federal College of Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition, Ijebu-Ife. Therefore, tell me: Shouldn’t the unchallenged supremacy of a thought-system of some people be proved insidious that my candidate deserves not the third term?

The struggle of female gender for equal rights with the male folks has become one of the most profound ideological maneuvers of the 21st Century. This type of strategy seems to have strived on the total obliteration of ‘patriarchy’ occasioned through the feminism linguistic relativities when women were filed as “the second being”, “the subaltern”, “the ribs from Adams” etc. This is why my candidate decided to make possible a BILL that gives half caste women who wish to become a Nigerian by nationality the right to do so without any hurdles. By contrast, Mushin-Ajina Shopping Mall is a multi-million naira project and nobody would see Ọmọ Edumare Model School today and refute its uniqueness. Therefore, tell me: Shouldn’t the unchallenged supremacy of a thought-system of some people be proved insidious that my candidate deserves not the third term?

You will muster with me such complete misfit if anyone says that the exploits of Rt. Hon. Adesegun Adekoya (aka Attacker) is traditional and with traditional results. If my candidate could initiate the construction of a Cardiothoracic Centre in Abeokuta which is first of its kind in Nigeria and third in the world, then how is that traditional when notable leaders of ours go to foreign countries to receive proper health care delivery? Likewise, the construction of an International Infertility and Maternity Hospital (An annex of the Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta, Ako) is also nearing completion and is first of its kind in Nigeria, with affiliation to two world class medical centers abroad; one being a popular hospital from Scotland in United Kingdom.

Teachers will forever be grateful for their retention age increased from 60-65. Arrangements to send some indigent youths to Dubai for ICT training, 20k each bursary to almost a thousand students of Tertiary Institutions in, cash rewards for the lives of market women, Old Age Relief grants, 1000 free medical per annum to his Constituents, laptops to students, earthy sustenance of our Obas and many other are commendable acts of Hon. Adekoya Adesegun (aka Attacker). It is this noble-minded temperament of my candidate to have, at least, two unflinching projects in all the electoral wards in our Constituencies. His tactfulness as a policy maker is also evident in the various 30 percent BILLS he sponsored and converted to reality from the ten of them representing our State. Therefore, tell me: Shouldn’t the unchallenged supremacy of a thought-system of some people be proved insidious that my candidate deserves not the third term in the face of over 500 ebullient projects?

Seun Sobola writes from Lagos.

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