2023: I Remain The Candidate To Beat, Report of My Step Down Untrue -Hon Adesegun Adekoya

A principal officer of the House of Representatives representing the people of Ijebu North, Ijebu East and Ogun Waterside local governments, Hon Adesegun Adekoya prominently known around town as Attacker has called on members of the public to shun report that he had stepped down from recontesting the seat in 2023.

The PDP Chieftain made the clarification known yesterday following a report that aspirants from Ijebu North local government have stepped down for one Kenny Bello.

In his reaction, Attacker who described the report as a beer parlour analysis disclosed that the architect of such reports is blind to the reality on ground.
“Ordinarily and in my usual characteristics, I don’t glorify such report, but I have to come out to debunk such , since the baseless report touched on aspirants from Ijebu North, which I am a leading and frontline one.
If the person spreading such report were to be the party Chairman whose party has the utmost desire to win election in 2023, would he be willing to field a weak aspirant in place of a credible with load of experience and formidable structure? The answer will be a no, no no, Adekoya said.

Hon Adekoya said it is unfortunate for a relatively unknown aspirant, who is still struggling to get his feet in the party to kick-start his campaign with lies, propaganda and absolute falsehood.

“Though a member of the Peoples Democratic Party on which platform I won my present exalted office, my remarkable achievements have gone beyond party affiliations in all the three local governments in my constituency.

I have attracted visible projects, held several multi-empowerment schemes, gave out scholarship scheme to indigent students, and established financial aids among other feats which have won me several laurels even beyond the state. It will now be unthinkable to step down for someone whose ambition is still hanging in the balance, Hon Adekoya added.

Hon Adekoya however advised that elections are won through hardwork, rigorous campaign and track record, stressing further the aspirant spreading such report needs expand his knowledge of politics beyond his ward.

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