‘I Almost killed Myself After I Was Duped By Real Estate Agent’

Ademuyiwa Muhideen Olorunfunmi, a graduate of Civil engineering is a known face in the Abuja Real Estate industry, but not many know how he started or what he has been through to get to the point he is today.

Olorunfunmi can be described to be the real definition of hustler, he left his comfort zone to seek greener pasture in a place he did not know anyone.

Prince Olorunfunmi is the Chief Executive Officer of M. O double crown investment limited is in his late 30s.

Although, Olorunfunmi hails from Lagos, but his hustling spirit led him relocated to Abuja in 2009 to seek greener pasture.

Even though many of his friends have told him that there are several opportunities in Abuja, Olorunfunmi got to Abuja only to discover that life is not easy anywhere.

For good three years, Olorunfunmi was sleeping in an uncompleted building, but he was passionate, hardworking and committed to changing his story from what it used to be.

After about three years trying to look for how to make money, Prince Olorunfunmi gained employment at one LG electronics around Wuse.

But he was committed and passionate about growth, God sent his first messiah to him. He attended to the person, told the person about his journey and his qualifications. The person who is also a civil engineer after listening to his story decided to give him job at his company that was into real estate and building.

That was the beginning of his breakthrough, but he was not fulfilled working. From there, he has started collecting consultancy job.

Due to the housing challenge he faced when he just got to Abuja and his experience while working with the real estate company, he decided to invest heavily into real estate.

All his savings, he was using it to buy land at different locations. He concluded that the only option for him is to travel abroad to hustle and money make abroad will be used to develop the land he brought.

He was given visa and he left for abroad to hussle. After few years, he returned to Abuja so as to come and develop his land.

Unfortunately for him, about five or six different acres of land he brought, he discovered that when he started attempting to develop them, original owner will come.

Olorunfunmi explained, “I discovered that I was duped, it was fake lands that was sold to me.

“All my hard earned savings running into millions was wasted. I was frustrated that i almost commit suicide. I almost run bankruptcy because of the money i lost.”

But Olorunfunmi seems to have God’s favour as he was able to meet with another messiah, Segun Akinyemi also known as Alawaye was now the one that gave him right lands.

Olorunfunmi has risen to become one of the few that have survived turbulent period. He is truly a man of commitment.

Presently, his company, M. O investment company is into Oil and gas, construction, among others.

His life has changed, he is now collecting contracts from both government and private individuals.

His estate, M. O Double Crowns is a household name among popular real estate companies in Abuja. The Real estate company is known for its cheap houses which has made housing affordable to the less privilege people of the Federal Capital Territory.

With his estates, Olorunfunmi has not only make houses accessible to people, he has lessen the challenges by making it affordable and convenient.

With his M. O Double Crown, Olorunfunmi made the process of getting a house stressful and also proved to be a trusted company where people can always run to.

Paper works of the estate is complete as M.O Double crown do not engage in dubious transaction of selling land to more than one customers.

The prices of their housing estate is affordable to the people. There are standardized prices for different land sizes and building prototypes.

The prices of the M.O Double Crown is determined by current market value giving consideration to the current economic strength of the nation.

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